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How To Draw ✏️

Let's really break the concept of drawing down - we all know how! It's just often there was someone in our past who told us we sucked 😔 which took the wind out of our sails so we stopped pursuing our creativity.

The trick here is to remember the power of projection 🥹 the person who said that was told something similar and so on, repeated throughout history. It's up to you to end the cycle. Promote creativity in your home by embracing your own creativity. 🥳

Remember when you just drew for the sake of drawing, that version of you is still inside of you!

  1. Grab a pencil, marker, or chalk

  2. Grab a piece of paper (make it a good piece of paper)

  3. Express your mood or ideas that first come to mind (don't question it)

  4. If you have kids get your kids involved and explore together

  5. Mistakes often turn into magic


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