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Healy Frequency Device

BioHacking Vibrational Healing

Healy Individualized Micro-current Frequency (IMF) programs are designed to support wellbeing through harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field. 

Healy Pro with App on Iphone

1:1 Coaching

Creative Healing Coach

Kayleigh offers 1 on 1 coaching sessions to help you achieve your creative goals and reach success. With 10 years in the field as a professional Illustrator, Kayleigh is ready to help you turn your creative lifestyle into a profitable business. She provides personalized, knowledgeable guidance based on where you are in your journey. Let Kayleigh help you tap into your creative potential and reach your dream of a successful creative business.

South West FL Local

Mag Healy

Quantum Analyzed Frequency Device

Quantum Analyzed Frequencies (QAF) for the harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field through an expanded magnetic field into the surrounding space.


Enagic K8


Kangen Water is an innovative and revolutionary coaching service that provides you and your family with the clean, healthy lifestyle you deserve. Our K8 machine produces 7 different types of water that can help you to improve your health and wellbeing. Kayleigh, one of our customers, was diagnosed with a permanent disability after a car accident, but investing in her K8 machine changed her life for the better. Let Kangen Water help you to get the same life-changing results.

South West FL Local

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EMF Radiation Mitigating

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Hearth Display

Time Management Simplified

The hearth display works in sync with Kayleigh's passionate for empowering people to achieve their goals and reach their highest potential. Her specialty is in simplifying time management and organization for busy modern families. Providing one-on-one coaching to help you gain clarity on your priorities and set achievable goals.

By providing personalized strategies,  you will create a life that's based on your values and zone of genius. My ultimate goal is to help you feel confident in your abilities to manage your time and create a life that you love.

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