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Hi I'm Kayleigh Castle,

Let me share a little bit about myself.

My mind is full of colorful minimalist happy images.

I am a full-time Illustrator and Graphic Designer. 

I typically can be found with my right hand in my sketch book.

Florida has been my home almost my whole life,

I am an ocean girl.

Since graduating with honors from Ringing college of art & design with a BFA in Illustration - I have worked with global animal rights activists, magazine companies, several non-profit organizations and I have Illustrated two children's books!

I am unable to stop the flow of creative thoughts,

don't worry - It's a happy burden!

When I was a kid I remember my imagination was so honest and innocence, I never wanted to let that go...

So I never did! 

Kids have the power to change the future

& I have the power to help inspire them.

I am a passonate Animal Rights Activist and I strive for 

Total Animal Liberation.

I do what I love every day with many mediums

PhotoShop, Illustrator, pencil sketch, watercolor, oil painting, pastels, large murals, InDesign & a napkin if thats all I have!

When I am not "working" I can be found doing yoga, cooking or baking vegan goodies, paddle boarding and spending time with my 3 dogs, 3 Cats & lil birds.

They constantly inspire me!


Life is about soaking up creativity wherever you see it. 

From one creative soul to another.

For the Animals

For the Future

Creatively kind,

Kayleigh Castle

Now that you know me...

I want to know you!

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